Computer Reapir

Is your computer not working correctly? Does it want to make you do this?

Are you having issues with your computer such as:
  • Not powering on
  • Blue screen
  • Log in issues
  • Hard drive crash
  • None functional keys on laptop
  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Crashing
  • Error messages
  • Over heating
  • Boot looping
  • Boot sector corrupted
  • Missing drivers
  • Forgotten password

If so then bring your computer to one of our locations, to get it serviced by our technicians. Some repairs require a diagnostic fee of $52.50 with tax. With the actual repair being extra. Why do we run a diagnostic first? Some issues such as blue screens and overheating have to many variables to know for certain what the repair is going to be. Overheating for example could be a many different issues such as, dust, improper drivers, failed component, improper device setup.

Other repairs that require us to order a part like laptop screens, or laptop keyboards need to be paid in full at the time of sign in. But these mostly do not require a diagnostic fee. Instead a fee is taken for the cost of the part, shipping, and labor.

Please call either of our locations and talk to one of our technicians if you have any questions.

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