Laptop Repair

Does your laptop need repair? We can repair a wide range of problems with laptops. Here are some of the more common repairs we do.

Screen Repair

Screen Repair
  • Dim screen
  • No display
  • Cracked or broken display
  • Flickering display

Keyboard or Track pad Replacement

Keyboard Reapir
  • Spilled liquid
  • Missing keys
  • Not responding to typing

Power or Battery

Power & Battery
  • Doesn't turn on
  • Lost power adapter
  • Damaged power plug
  • Constant low battery
  • Battery doesn't charge


  • Laptop running slow? With people doing more and more, and programs getting bigger and complex,
  • Adding more RAM will help combat these problems giving your laptop a new boost of performance!

Hard Drives

Power & Battery
  • Need more space? Do you need more room to store movies, music or other data some.
  • We can easily install a larger HDD and clone the old HDD so everything is exactly the same except you'll have more room!
  • Switch to a SSD? If durability is more of a concern why not upgrade to a SSD, with older HHD there are many moving parts that can result in total data lose! Also having a SSD will vastly improve performance.